Applied Bio-Process

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Process Engineering

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Process engineering involves the integration of reactions, technologies, efficiency rates, and mass & energy flow rates in the development of process design packages.  Process design packages provide all the required information, data, specifications, conditions, and designs for the construction and operation of a fully integrated bio-refining facility:

Process engineering packages translate physical, bio-chemical, mechanical, & engineering principals and technologies into profitable commercial reality.

Bio-Process Group provides staged process engineering packages for industrial biomass processing facilities.  The staged development of the process engineering allows the owners and partners to make informed decisions on the projects definition, scope, scale, risks, and options- minimizing development time, risks and expenses.


Preliminary Engineering Package:

  • Project Scope, Definition, & Timeline

  • Process & Technology Options

  • Process Conceptualization

  • Process Block Flow Diagrams (BFD’s)

  • Capital Cost Estimation (+/- 30%)

  • Economic / Financial Projections

Process Design Package:

  • Process Flow Diagrams (PFD’s)

  • Mass & Energy Balances

  • Heat Integration Design

  • Equipment List & Sizing

  • Capital Cost Estimation (+/- 20%)

  • Environmental Permitting

Process Engineering Package:

  • Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID’s)

  • Schematic of Piping, Controls, & Equipment

  • Detailed Equipment Specification & Design

  • Arrangement & Layout Diagrams

  • Equipment / Service Fixed Bids

  • Capital Cost Estimation (+/- 5%)

The process designs and engineering packages are specifically designed to project specifications.  Bio-Process Group welcomes project owner’s and partners to be involved in the design and development of the process design and engineering.  Our goal is to provide each client with the most suitable and appropriate processing facility to their exact specifications.