Cellulosic Ethanol

Lignocellulosic biomass is an abundant and inexpensive feedstock for the production of bio-products, ethanol, and other bio-fuels. Commercial biomass to ethanol has been hindered by production and technological barriers, including:

  1. Pretreatments that are ineffective, expensive, and toxic,

  2. Low product conversions and concentrations,

  3. High cellulase enzyme loading levels and costs,

  4. High process energy, chemical, and water usage,

Bio-Process Cellulosic Platform: Bio-Process has developed a set of integrated technologies and processes that allows for the efficient and profitable production of bio-ethanol from a wide variety of cellulosic biomass materials at minimal energy usage and operating costs, technologies include:

  1. A low cost, non-toxic, & highly effective, pretreatment process,

  2. Production of a variety of bio-products from 5-C xylose,

  3. Integrated reaction & hydrolysis system for enzyme recycle,

  4. Efficient reaction / separation systems to reduce energy use