Owner's Engineering

The Bio-Process Group provides 3rd party engineering support services in the development of processing facilities.  In this role, Owner’s or Client’s Engineering, ABP provides independent engineering reviews and analysis of the project, process, technology, and budgeting / schedule in representing the owner’s, investor’s, or financier’s interests to ensure that the project development adheres to definition, schedule, budget, and specification.

Independent of contractors, engineers, and project managers, Bio-Process Group oversees the technical / financial due diligence in support of the client’s interest and overall project development.   Bio-Process Group is quite flexible in providing owner’s engineering services which are defined to fit individual clients specific needs for their projects.

Owner’s Engineering Functions:

  • Independent Project Evaluation & Review

  • Process / Technology Evaluation

  • Process Engineering Review

  • Project Schedule & Budget Analysis

  • Construction Oversight & Support

  • Plant Commissioning Support

  • Operational & Maintenance Review

Owner’s Engineering Services:

  • Finance / Investor Representative

  • Project Management Support

  • Engineering & Contractor Support

  • Start-Up & Operational Support

  • Contractor / Engineering Mediation