Waste Paper

Bio-Process conducts research at both the lab- and pilot-scale for the conversion process of waste paper and pulp streams to ethanol and other high value bio-products. Currently, Bio-Process is working on a commercial scale project to convert municipal solid waste (MSW) into higher value bio-based products. As a result, this project may reduce the amount of fiber being land-filled.

Paper & pulp fiber represent an ideal biomass source for the production of biofuels and bio-products. Waste paper and pulp fiber can be collected from municipal solid waste streams, recycling operations, and paper pulping operations.

Advantages of Waste Fiber Feedstock

  • High Cellulose Content (70% +)

  • Low Value and Cost Feedstock

  • Produced & Collected Year Round

  • No Pretreatment Required

  • High Conversion Rate at Low Cost