whey ethanol

Whey Ethanol

Whey is a by-product of the cheese production process and contains protein, fat, lactose sugar, and salt. Whey is processed to recover the fat, protein, and sugars, which creates a low-value and high BOD whey permeate stream . Whey permeate contains lactose which can be fermented to produce ethanol, but it is not an ideal substrate due to:

  • low sugar concentration
  • high salt content
  • susceptibility to bacterial infectio

Bio-Process has designed process systems and developed technologies for the efficient and economical production of ethanol and co-products from whey, whey permeate, permeate mother liquor, and lactose streams. 

Bio-Process Whey Technologies:

  • Improved Salt Tolerant Organisms
  • Reactor / Separator Systems
  • Bacterial Resistant System Design
  • High Ethanol Percentage Beer Production
  • Low Energy Ethanol Product Recovery
  • Versatile Production of Co-Products