Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies analyze potential projects by quantifying economic worth and identifying risks. Through the identification of these primary issues an expected value (economic measure) of the proposed project is generated: Return on Investment (ROI), Net Present Value (NPV), etc.  Completed feasibility studies allow project stakeholders to make project decisions based on a shared vision & language.  The key issues addressed in a feasibility include:

Project Scope, Scale, & Definition:

  • Project Scale & Scope
  • Process & Technologies
  • Project Site Evaluation
  • Input & Utility Requirements
  • Project Partners & Timing

Capital Investment & Returns:

  • Total Capital Requirement
  • Investment / Finance Data
  • Operation & Production Costs
  • Revenues & Net Profits

Identification of Project Risks:

  • Site & Feedstock Risks
  • Technology Risks
  • Construction Risks
  • Market Risks
  • Operational Risks