Corn Ethanol

Modular High Value Corn Ethanol 

The Modular High Value (MHV) Corn Ethanol bio-refining system is an improved process for the production of ethanol co-products from corn- improving corn ethanol profitability by increasing revenues, minimizing energy usage, and decreasing operational costs.

MHV Process Technologies: The MHV system integrates separation, fermentation, and conversion technologies to improve the economic and environmental margins of corn ethanol production.

  • High Value Co-Products (fuels, feeds, energy)
  • Low Energy Use and Air Emissions
  • Use of Modular Equipment & Designs
  • Process and Product Versatility
  • Improved Profitability & Decreased Risk

Core Technologies: Through the implementation of sequential separations, the production of a wide array of fermentation products and technologies is realized and process flexibility /control are improved. Core technologies that differentiate the MHV bio-refining system from standard corn ethanol facilities, include:

  • Dry Fractionation Corn Milling System
  • Mash Spent Grain / Soluble Separation
  • High Speed / Low Effluent Fermentation
  • Low Energy Distillation System

Directed Evolution

The Directed Evolution (DE) fermentation process is a technology for improving the speed and efficiency of whole mash fermentations.

  • Developed for Whole Mash Fermentations
  • Increases the Rate / Speed of Fermentations
  • Implements Patented & Proprietary Yeast Strains
  • Improves Fermentation Conversion Efficiencies

The DE process is easily implemented in existing ethanol facilities and improves production margins, flexibility, and reliability.