Operational Support & Consulting

Image taken at a whey ethanol facility in Turkey.

Image taken at a whey ethanol facility in Turkey.

Bio-Process works with owners, managers, and operators of bio-processing facilities through the provision of analysis, evaluations, technologies, and solution development for improving process efficiencies and facility operations.  Our goal is to provide innovative and economical solutions in the improvement of process facility efficiencies and operations.

Facility & Process Evaluation:  In today’s economic environment and highly competitive biofuel market it is imperative that production costs are minimized and revenues are maximized. Bio-Process Group provides full process facility auditing studies and provides analysis and recommendations for operational and process improvements to reduce operating costs.  Facility and process evaluations are also a valuable tool for companies and investors considering investment in, or purchase of, bio-processing facilities.

Process Optimization:  In chemical production processes involving multiple integrated systems, processes, and utilities, the maximum production level is set by the single limiting unit process.  Bio-Process Group identifies process bottlenecks & rate limiting steps, providing options and recommendations for increasing the efficiency, speed, & production level of the entire facility.

Technology Improvement:  Retrofitting existing facilities with improved technologies and process systems can increase production revenue, decrease operating costs, and improve production levels & efficiencies.  Bio-Process Group provides analysis and reports describing process improvement options and their associated capital costs and effects on production and profitability.  We provide the process engineering packages for implementation and operation of the technology retrofit.

Trouble Shooting & Process Solutions:  Bio-Process Group provides services, solutions, and support for process / technology related problems in the ethanol, biodiesel, biomass, or food processing industry.  We provide innovative, economical, and effective solutions for issues related to industrial processing, including: separations, fermentation, distillation, waste water processing, sterility, emissions, and safety.