Process Modeling

Process models that integrate technical, economic, and process engineering information, ‘Techno-Economic Process Models‘ are an invaluable tool in the development of biomass processing projects.  Techno-Economic models are versatile and precise tools that serve as a common language across technical and financial fields, allowing for better informed project definition & more inclusive process decisions.

Bio-Process Group develops techno-economic models to specification, conducts process simulation modeling analysis studies, and provides model software programs, instructions, & reports for clients.  These models are useful to project owners, investors, and financial lenders as they allow:

  1. More informed project / process / technology decisions
  2. Evaluation of equity investment opportunity, returns, & risks
  3. Calculation of credit requirements, risks, and conditions

Process models developed by ABP vary in their level of detail, complexity, and versatility which is determined by the intended use of the model and client specifications.  Process models allow users to enter values for technical and economic variables that are processed in the calculation of project capitalization, profitability, and economic value (ROI, IRR, NPV).

Model Applications:

  • Definition of project scale & scope for economic value

  • Evaluation & comparison of alternative processes

  • Evaluation of alternative technologies for relative value

  • Economic evaluation of project worth (ROI, IRR, NPV)

  • Measuring uncertainty of project technical & financial risks

  • Sensitivity of changes in prices / efficiencies on project worth

  • Calculation of expected returns & risks to capital investment

Recent Modeling Projects:

  • Reclaimed MSW Paper Fiber to Ethanol,

  • Waste Pulp Stream to Ethanol (sponsored)

  • Dry Corn Fractionation Ethanol

  • Dry Grind Corn Ethanol Production

  • Corn & Cellulosic Ethanol Integration